Colombo Dance Platform 2014

Bandu Manaperi’s and Godwin Constanine’s joint performance revolves around the issue of ‘identity’. During the last three decades Sri Lanka underwent a very turbulent and violent phase in its history. This, the two artists believe, is fundamentally connected to identity. Society continuously experiences evolving problems connected to forms of identity. This is the main factor, that has influenced the art practice of Bandu and Godwin in recent times. With “Me and my image” the artist duo explore the relations between the body, symbols and the construction of identity. How is identity “moduled” through text, religious practice or other habits? How an “identity model” obstructs the knowing of the real behind the model?

Washing Man - Man Washing
In this performance I go to a public space—like, by the side of a road--and wash my own clothes I am wearing, with the little water I have. Though the act of washing is performed, it really doesn’t get clean. Instead it worsens the situation. It is done in an absurd way using the dirtied water to clean again and again, not only the clothes but also myself.
I ask questions. What should I washout or clean? What should I cleanse myself of? What dirt in society should I wash? Can I really do it? Who decides what should be cleansed? Who has the authority to clean—the society, myself and you? In the process of cleansing aren’t we really worsening things further? Etc. etc.
I AM the Washing Man! We need man washing!